Southeast Iowa Builders Association

Scholarship Application

To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the form below or download the PDF and mail to:
P. O. BOX 1113, Burlington, IA 52601
IMPORTANT! Answer each question. Application must be complete to be considered

Scholarship Amount – $1,500 for 1st year students ($750 semester). 2nd, 3rd and 4th Year Students will get $2,000/Year ($1,000/Semester).
Renewal applicants may qualify for additional scholarship funds per SEIBA Board discretion.

Application deadline is February 15 (Must be postmarked by this date – late applications will not be accepted).
If you have questions, please call 319-753-8787.

The Southeast Iowa Builders Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

The following information must be mailed to P. O. BOX 1113, Burlington, IA 52601 or your application will not be accepted:

• Most current transcript from high school or college.

• Color Photograph of yourself to be used for our web site and press release.

• Construction Scholarship Qualifications/Requirements of Candidates Form – signed and dated.

• Reference Letters (not mandatory, but helpful) from past employer or teacher/instructor.

• A one to two page essay explaining the following:
(1) Why do you feel you are worthy of this scholarship?
(2) What are your current goals?
(3) What are your future goals/plans?
(4) How would you best represent SEIBA as a scholarship recipient?
(5) Are your plans after college to stay in the southeast Iowa area?
(6) What interests you most about the construction industry?
(7) Will you be working part time while attending college classes?
(8) Do you plan to attend any SEIBA functions throughout the year?
(9) Describe how this scholarship will assist you in meeting your career/education goals.

• Photographs of any projects you have worked on relating to the construction industry (not mandatory, but helpful).

• Any additional information you would like to share with us will be helpful in the selection process.


• Enroll as a full-time student in Construction Management/Engineering/Technology Program or similar. Must submit proof to SEIBA that you are “enrolled full time” after each semester starts by your university or college. This information must be submitted within 20 days of your first day of class. If this is not provided, your scholarship will not continue.

• Complete application form furnished by SEIBA (not required after first year)

• Draft a response on how this award will contribute to your career goals – short and long term (not required after first year)

• Maintain sufficient academic progress to receive total annual award – Must maintain a 2.5 cumulative average per semester or your scholarship will not continue.

• Application submitted to SEIBA no later than February 15th each year (not required after first year)

• Must interview with Selection Committee

• Must work a minimum of 360 hours in a job relating to construction each year while enrolled in the Construction Management/Engineering/Technology Program or similar – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUBMITTING THIS INFORMATION TO SEIBA BY SEPTEMBER 15TH EACH YEAR. IF IT IS NOT RECEIVED, YOUR SCHOLARSHIP WILL NOT CONTINUE. THIS LETTER TO SEIBA MUST BE SUBMITTED ON THE COMPANY’S LETTERHEAD AND SIGNED BY THEIR PAYROLL DEPARTMENT, OWNER, OR OWNER’S REPRESENTATIVE. A PHONE NUMBER OF THIS CONTACT PERSON ALSO NEEDS TO BE ON THIS DOCUMENT. Please note that this 360 hour requirement does not apply until after you start college.

• Student must attend an annual renewal interview with the Selection Committee every spring.

• Must send ORIGINAL STAMPED AND SEALED TRANSCRIPTS to SEIBA, P. O. Box 1113, Burlington, IA 52601 at the end of each semester – deadline dates are January 15th and September 15th. Any transcript received after the deadline dates are considered to be late and your scholarship will not continue.

• If you are awarded a SEIBA scholarship, you understand that you must adhere to all items above in order to receive the scholarship annually. You have read these items and agree that you will provide/adhere to these requirements.